Wild and free boudoir by Shalene Dawn Photography in Edmonton Alberta

Mature Content 18+ only


Boudoir for the untamed and daring by Shalene Dawn Photography

welcome free spirit

We are the powerful,

the brave,

the passionate,

the fierce,

the beautiful.

Join us and find your freedom


Wild & Free Boudoir is for any woman who wants to celebrate the allure of their body without being objectified. Every photo is taken with the intent to show beauty and art, not sex and lust.

Each session begins fully clothed in a space you feel safe. You set the pace for what you are ready to take off and when. You will be encouraged to push outside your comfort zone, but are never made to do anything you do not want to do. Even if all that happens is a relaxed portrait shoot in a t-shirt, your bravery is to be applauded, and your beauty worth showing off.

The images you receive afterwards are enhanced and colour corrected, but never photoshopped. Women's bodies should not be digitally manipulated or altered simply to conform to society's "ideal" beauty standards. Instead, posing and lighting are used to bring out the best and most gorgeous version of you. (Minor corrections such as removal of red bra lines and pimples are used.)

Women's bodies are such an exquisite roadmap of their journeys through this life, and should be celebrated and revered, not hidden and exploited.



Limited Time Offer


- 45 min in-home (or airbnb) session
- 10 - 15 web quality, edited digital files
- Password protected online gallery

To take advantage of this price, the shoot must take place in Edmonton and permission must be given to allow your photos to be publicly posted on Shalene Dawn Photography's social media and website.

Hair/Makeup/Airbnb rental not provided.

Regular Pricing


- 90 minute in-home (or airbnb) session
- Curated selection of high resolution, edited digital files
- Password protected online gallery

Hair/Makeup/Airbnb rental not provided.




Wild and Free Boudoir is part of the Shalene Dawn Photography family!