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Well, Hellooo Gorgeous

I'm Shalene!

(Pronounced like 'Celine' but with a 'shhhh' on front!)

Edmonton Alberta Elopement Wedding Photographers Shalene Dawn Photography

I've been fondly described as "delightfully weird" by those who know me.

I like to wear floofy elephant pants that my best friend bought me from Cambodia and ferment ginger carrots in my kitchen.

I'm into boho, woodsy vibes with a sprinkle of magic and moodiness.

Donut parties, exploring hidden trails and oooing over your latest great find are all on the top of my to-do list.

Working with me is a pretty chill experience. I always want your photo sessions to be positive, fun and relaxed. (While still getting GREAT shots, obviously!)

I won't make you get all "posey" and stiff. I'm always aiming for really natural interactions between you two all while yelling "yasss guurl" encouragement from behind the lens.

I've been doing this wedding photography professionally thing since 2013, (man, I'm old now.) and since then have won multiple awards for my photos and had the privilege of traveling all over Western Canada from Manitoba to Vancouver Island photographing couples in some of the most beautiful locations in the world!

Just so you know, I'm unreasonably excited for you to email me so we can set up a call and you can tell me all about your big plans for your wedding!

We're going to have soooo much fun together!

Think I might be the best wedding photographer for the job?

Let's get in touch!